Monday, December 2, 2013

The Streak: Motivation Move Your Ass

Enter the Dark Months. The reality of December in Banff is less daylight and shorter days.

Enter the Streak. I am going to move my ass every day in the month of December. In particular, I am going to Run.

Enter Strides Running Store in Calgary. For Motivation. I love the idea - commit to a Mile a Day. Everyday. In December. You can join their Facebook Group if you need a little inspiration this month!

See:  3rd Annual Strides Run Streak

Feel free to be liberal with this.  Don't run?  Get out of the house and walk.  Every. Day.  Enjoy Yoga?  Go Yoga your Ass off, honey.  Why not start now instead of the January 1st?

Run #1 in Beautiful Banff:

The Hoodoos Trail

Run #2 in Beautiful Banff:

Fenland Trail

Now, go move your Ass!!


Mary said...

Awesome plan! I hope to see more pretty Banff pics this winter.

Plasmanoir said...

How did the trip south in the camper go? Always wondered what it would be like to do the camper thing. We have dogs.

Did you make it to the Grand Canyon? We were there before the shut down. Alison (from Trans Rockies) was looking for you.

Kaz said...

Great! Over here we have the Marcothon. Started by a guy called Marco a few years ago who challenged himself and his wife I think to run every day in December - min 3 miles. They did it and blogged about it and as they know quite a few folk in the ultra scene it sort of took off and now the have a facebook page to motivate and our club does it, but calls it the Decemberathon. A great idea. Enjoy your December!

Kaz said... for your info...

Helen said...

And what a glorious, magnificent, fabulous, if bloody cold day it is, to get out and about, with Banff and the Rockies looking so beautiful.

Leslie said...

Oh, yes! I'll post some more...

Kaz, love the Marcothon!

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